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Latest Trials World Records

Venice Beach 1080 Hard Mantis 37.402 Borads 2020-09-14
A Budding Hope Medium Mantis 38.567 Novastxr 2020-09-13
Bali Forever Duel Medium Mantis 35.265 DempseyDaPro 2020-09-13
Incan Times Supercross Easy Mantis 34.373 v Jitterz 2020-09-12
Mine Your Own Business Medium Mantis 33.275 Choky 2020-09-12
Incan Times XCross Easy Mantis 36.878 v Jitterz 2020-09-10
Gigatrack Medium Mantis 11:33.453 Clopzilla 2020-09-07
Incan Times Duel Easy Mantis 32.104 v Jitterz 2020-09-06
SA Sensation Supercross Medium Mantis 29.434 v Jitterz 2020-09-04
Firebase Faceplant Medium Mantis 41.983 PandaNextDoor 2020-09-02
Iguazu Rises Easy Mantis 51.932 DempseyDaPro 2020-09-01
Bali Forever XCross Medium Mantis 30.444 Novastxr 2020-08-30
Bali Forever Finals Medium Mantis 01:39.808 v Jitterz 2020-08-30
Incan Times Finals Easy Mantis 01:45.629 Novastxr 2020-08-30
SA Sensation Finals Medium Mantis 01:29.507 v Jitterz 2020-08-29