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Latest Trials World Records

Lookout Point Medium Phoenix Evo 250cc 33.032 v Jitterz 2021-07-29
School of Rock Easy Phoenix Evo 250cc 02:30.866 DempseyDaPro 2021-07-29
Radiation Sickness Hard Pit Viper 28.088 Raon Gin 2021-07-29
Hotel Namibia Medium Mantis 33.411 Raon GT4 2021-07-29
Force Majeure Medium Pit Viper 36.417 Raon Gin 2021-07-28
Elevation Easy Phoenix Evo 250cc 27.651 Jamzio 2021-07-28
Ever Everer Everest Hard Mantis 32.301 Practical Jokes 2021-07-28
Skyscraper Showdown Medium Pit Viper 43.790 Im_Wizolo 2021-07-27
Wheels of Steel Easy Mantis 43.982 Raon GT4 2021-07-27
Siberian Learnings Duel Easy Tevatron 22.616 Vanillacake13 2021-07-27
Chinese Gauntlet Hard Mantis 40.409 Raon GT4 2021-07-27
Straightjacket Extreme Phoenix Evo 250cc 32.710 Raon GT4 2021-07-26
Industrial Revolution Hard Phoenix Evo 250cc 02:41.665 Raon GT4 2021-07-26
On the Ice Hard Mantis 35.075 Raon GT4 2021-07-26
Stonehenge Hard Mantis 39.324 Practical Jokes 2021-07-26