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Latest Trials World Records

Eco Park Hard Pit Viper 41.492 Gin 2022-11-09
Swamp Crash Medium Pit Viper 31.608 mustangsally 2022-11-07
Road to Ruin Medium TKO Panda 37.865 FratGnat 2022-11-06
Deeper Underground Hard Pit Viper 41.812 Gin 2022-11-05
The Vestibule Medium Pit Viper 39.593 Gin 2022-11-04
Waterworks Beginner Pit Viper 30.589 Gritzy 2022-10-26
Seismic Activity Medium Pit Viper 30.518 Gin 2022-10-25
Dark Carnival Hard Pit Viper 23.335 Practical Jokes 2022-10-24
Radiation Sickness Hard Pit Viper 27.732 Gin 2022-10-23
Hornets Nest Medium Pit Viper 40.857 mustangsally 2022-10-20
Farcasters Hard Pit Viper 54.968 Practical Jokes 2022-10-15
Neo Bradford Medium Pit Viper 22.774 Practical Jokes 2022-10-13
The Greater Crater Hard Pit Viper 56.128 mustangsally 2022-10-12
Storm Chaser Medium Pit Viper 34.882 Gin 2022-10-11
Gone to Waste Hard Pit Viper 44.892 Practical Jokes 2022-10-11