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Latest Trials World Records

Arrival City Medium Mantis 35.433 Raon GT4 2021-01-22
Vietnam Vaults Medium Mantis 53.009 Novatsxr 2021-01-21
Convoy Hard Mantis 31.744 Raon GT4 2021-01-21
Amazon Warrior Easy Mantis 01:02.885 Raon GT4 2021-01-21
Mine Your Own Business Medium Mantis 33.160 Raon GT4 2021-01-21
Beach Bum Easy Mantis 52.690 v Jitterz 2021-01-19
Cadillac Rancher Hard Helium 21.355 AurisTFG 2021-01-19
Yellowstone Caldera Easy Rhino 01:05.788 DempseyDaPro 2021-01-18
Nippon Springs Hard Helium 43.531 AurisTFG 2021-01-17
Seoul Searching Hard Mantis 29.789 Raon Gin 2021-01-17
The Windy City Medium Rhino 49.331 DempseyDaPro 2021-01-17
Black Gold Hard Mantis 44.310 Raon GT4 2021-01-16
Hollywood Hills Hard Mantis 36.862 Raon Gin 2021-01-15
Statcoulomb Easy Mantis 44.960 Raon GT4 2021-01-15
Inferno V Extreme Helium 53.195 Raon Gin 2021-01-14