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Latest Trials World Records

The Australian Outback Hard Mantis 32.736 mustangsally 2022-06-05
Wasted Potential Easy Mantis 38.967 Practical Jokes 2022-06-03
Hong Kong Harbour Extreme Helium 21.960 mustangsally 2022-05-30
Rise of the Dragon Ninja Level 2 Mantis 52.069 InfernoTrials 2022-05-26
Pripyat Medium Mantis 47.729 mustangsally 2022-05-26
Cave Dweller Hard Pit Viper 41.018 mustangsally 2022-05-26
Thousand-Cloud Village Easy Mantis 55.778 Practical Jokes 2022-05-16
School Yard Brawl Supercross Easy Mantis 23.600 Sly GT4 2022-05-16
Black Belt Ninja Level 5 Mantis 03:15.055 InfernoTrials 2022-05-12
Green Belt Ninja Level 3 Mantis 01:43.942 InfernoTrials 2022-05-11
Ol Gondwana Medium Mantis 39.842 Practical Jokes 2022-05-11
Bungalow Beach Medium Pit Viper 25.304 mustangsally 2022-05-10
Subterranean Medium Pit Viper 30.185 mustangsally 2022-05-06
Borne Legend Medium Pit Viper 33.989 mustangsally 2022-05-03
Depth Disturbance Medium Pit Viper 49.295 mustangsally 2022-05-01