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Latest Trials World Records

Pinball Wizard Hard Turtle NA / 250 AUSr_Dier 2021-09-19
Grave of Giants Easy Mantis 01:03.119 Practical Jokes 2021-09-18
Car Park Club Extreme Mantis 36.401 Infernotrials 2021-09-16
Bucharest Breakdown Medium Mantis 43.468 Practical Jokes 2021-09-10
Liberty Station Hard Mantis 40.842 Practical Jokes 2021-09-09
Groundhog Asylum Hard Phoenix Evo 250cc 23.855 Sly GT4 2021-09-08
Under Construction Hard Phoenix Evo 250cc 31.384 Sly GT4 2021-09-08
Cutting Corners Easy Phoenix Evo 250cc 02:49.003 DempseyDaPro 2021-09-07
Falling Down Medium Phoenix Evo 250cc 38.819 Sly GT4 2021-09-07
Mine the Big Gap Hard Mantis 39.913 Practical Jokes 2021-09-07
Oil Crisis Easy Phoenix Evo 250cc 36.684 Sly GT4 2021-09-06
Around the Ranch Hard Phoenix Evo 250cc 35.262 Sly GT4 2021-09-06
Klondike Gold Rush Extreme Mantis 01:25.711 Practical Jokes 2021-09-04
Ol Gondwana Medium Mantis 39.895 Juniorspiller 2021-08-31
UK Upper Hard Mantis 37.965 Practical Jokes 2021-08-29