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Latest Trials World Records

Montreal Mayhem Supercross Medium Helium 27.700 mustangsally 2022-08-30
Finnish Flash Medium Mantis 44.059 Practical Jokes 2022-08-29
Below Bucharest Easy Mantis 45.009 JonSkaterade 2022-08-28
Sustainable Mining Medium Mantis 48.934 Sly GT4 2022-08-26
Venice Beach 360 Medium Mantis 44.310 Sly GT4 2022-08-25
Swamp Rider Easy Mantis 32.199 Practical Jokes 2022-08-20
On the Ice Hard Mantis 35.059 Civ 2022-08-05
Container Cowboy Hard Mantis 25.398 Civ 2022-07-29
Freshly Caught Medium Mantis 37.960 Civ 2022-07-19
Toxic Behavior Hard Mantis 34.174 Practical Jokes 2022-07-15
Elevation Easy Phoenix Evo 250cc 27.176 mustangsally 2022-07-12
Ski or Dont Hard Mantis 40.032 Practical Jokes 2022-07-07
Whiteout Hard Pit Viper 41.885 Bola 2022-07-05
Stable Swede Finals Easy Mantis 01:18.691 Kosmo 2022-07-01
True Scotsman Easy Rhino 34.203 SupraTFS 2022-06-27