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Latest Trials World Records

Spare Parts Hard Mantis 9.00 Raon GT4 2021-05-12
Logged Out Hard Mantis 9.796 Juniorspiller 2021-05-12
Stacked High Hard Mantis 8.055 Practical Jokes 2021-05-12
UK Upper Hard Mantis 38.062 AurisTFG 2021-05-12
Container Cowboy Hard Mantis 25.552 Raon GT4 2021-05-12
Sewer Rat Extreme Helium 36.801 Raon GT4 2021-05-10
Siberian Learnings Duel Easy Tevatron 22.812 Vanillacake13 2021-05-09
Mine the Big Gap Hard Mantis 40.103 Raon GT4 2021-05-09
Moto Gladiators Medium Mantis 01:02.739 Practical Jokes 2021-05-09
Frozen Leviathan Extreme Helium 42.892 Raon GT4 2021-05-09
Savanna Safari Extreme Helium 39.295 Raon GT4 2021-05-07
Montreal Mayhem Duel Medium Mantis 22.977 v Jitterz 2021-05-06
Gigatrack Medium Mantis 11:32.993 Novastxr 2021-05-06
Storm Chaser Extreme Helium 26.677 Raon GT4 2021-05-05
Inferno V Extreme Helium 52.726 Raon GT4 2021-05-04