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Latest Trials World Records

Dark City Run Extreme Phoenix Evo 250cc 34.110 Raon GT4 2020-07-05
Siberian Learnings Supercross Easy Mantis 24.252 Maitrash 2020-07-04
The Substratum Hard Pit Viper 39.735 mustangsally 2020-07-04
Wasted Potential Easy Mantis 39.782 Choky 2020-07-03
Docking Bay Medium Pit Viper 24.805 mustangsally 2020-07-02
Temple Trouble Medium Pit Viper 30.673 mustangsally 2020-06-29
Prospector Medium Phoenix Evo 250cc 40.260 AurisTFG 2020-06-26
Chinese Gauntlet Hard Mantis 41.711 Choky 2020-06-25
Industrial Revolution Hard Phoenix Evo 250cc 02:42.839 Raon GT4 2020-06-24
Bali Forever Finals Medium Mantis 01:41.581 v Jitterz 2020-06-23
Canyon Crash Easy Shopping Cart 43.669 TheRealTeeHill 2020-06-21
Trials Wars Medium Helium NA / 584.118m (14) WhalerJones 2020-06-21
Titan Causeway Medium Pit Viper 01:02.616 Im_Wizolo 2020-06-20
More Brown Boxes Extreme Mantis 10.505 Leg3nds29 2020-06-19
Shanghai Scraper Hard Mantis 43.016 AurisTFG 2020-06-19