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Latest Trials World Records

Yellow Belt Ninja Level 2 Helium 52.205 Classyfication 2020-03-29
Stonehenge Hard Mantis 39.905 Classyfication 2020-03-29
Pain Stacking Pallets Medium Mantis 8.861 Dragun 2020-03-29
Hotel Namibia Medium Mantis 33.735 Raon Gin 2020-03-28
Concrete Jungle Medium Mantis 9.828 Classyfication 2020-03-28
Baikonur Base Extreme Mantis 44.834 Classyfication 2020-03-28
Ramping Up Medium Mantis 7.647 Classyfication 2020-03-28
Bucharest Breakdown Medium Mantis 43.775 mustangsally 2020-03-28
Rock and Roll Extreme Mantis 10.211 Gritzy 2020-03-27
More Brown Boxes Extreme Mantis 10.586 Maitrash 2020-03-27
Container Rush Medium Mantis 8.214 IBlubbiI 2020-03-27
Nerves of Steel Extreme Mantis 6.924 Novastxr 2020-03-26
Tired Yet Extreme Mantis 9.816 Novastxr 2020-03-26
Barrels of Fun Hard Mantis 6.347 Novastxr 2020-03-26
Spare Parts Hard Mantis 9.099 Maitrash 2020-03-26