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Latest Trials World Records

Rock Steady Medium Phoenix Evo 250cc 27.078 Jamzio 2021-10-31
Groundhog Again Medium Mantis 32.220 Practical Jokes 2021-10-30
Prospector Medium Phoenix Evo 250cc 40.053 Jamzio 2021-10-29
Out Cold Hard Mantis 39.625 Practical Jokes 2021-10-29
Dark City Run Extreme Phoenix Evo 250cc 34.064 Jamzio 2021-10-27
Steel Ball Run Hard Crawler 01:43.258 / 560.000m S1B1C1 2021-10-26
Sunset Stripped Easy Phoenix Evo 250cc 34.719 Jamzio 2021-10-25
The Wreck Extreme Phoenix Evo 250cc 22.552 Sly GT4 2021-10-24
Meltdown Medium Phoenix Evo 250cc 34.801 Sly GT4 2021-10-24
Around the Ranch Hard Phoenix Evo 250cc 35.254 Novastxr 2021-10-21
Stratosphere Medium Pit Viper 44.461 Gin 2021-10-21
Industrial Revolution Hard Phoenix Evo 250cc 02:39.248 Jamzio 2021-10-21
Enduro Medium Phoenix Evo 250cc 01:28.473 Jamzio 2021-10-21
Sewage Plant Medium Phoenix Evo 250cc 24.780 Jamzio 2021-10-19
Gigatrack Medium Phoenix Evo 250cc 05:56.129 Sly GT4 2021-10-18