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Latest Trials World Records

Turbine Terror Beginner Pit Viper 39.679 Im_Wizolo 2021-02-01
Texas Turmoil Finals Hard Mantis 01:07.989 v Jitterz 2021-01-31
Texas Turmoil XCross Hard Mantis 23.452 v Jitterz 2021-01-31
Texas Turmoil Supercross Hard Mantis 18.893 v Jitterz 2021-01-30
Texas Turmoil Duel Hard Mantis 24.356 v Jitterz 2021-01-29
Siberian Learnings Finals Easy Mantis 01:14.292 v Jitterz 2021-01-28
Flaming Man Medium Mantis 02:41.166 / 920.048m Novastxr 2021-01-28
Monster Mash Finals Hard Mantis 01:11.522 v Jitterz 2021-01-26
Fascinating Favela Easy Mantis 45.445 Raon GT4 2021-01-26
School Yard Brawl Supercross Easy Mantis 23.671 v Jitterz 2021-01-26
Siberian Learnings Supercross Easy Mantis 23.794 v Jitterz 2021-01-25
Tilting at Windmills Easy Rhino 46.484 fussballstar31 2021-01-25
On the Ice Hard Mantis 35.209 Clopzilla 2021-01-24
Red Steel Hard Mantis 58.622 Raon GT4 2021-01-24
In the Dark Medium Helium 03:05.316 / 826.000m Novastxr 2021-01-23