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RELEASED: April 2012


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It’s survival of the fastest with Trials Evolution! Your favorite physics-based motorcycle racer is back in a brilliant new outdoor setting.

Ride in real-time multiplayer with 2-4 players, either locally or through Xbox LIVE. Enjoy a deep, rich single player career with 50 brilliant tracks, challenging unlocks, and tricky achievements.

A massive, powerful track editor lets you build the track of your dreams and easily share it with the world using the same tools the Redlynx developers use to build the in-game tracks. Or simply download top-rated tracks from around the world, using the all-new Track Central. No longer will you have to use the XBL Friends system to play custom tracks, you can now see custom track feeds and search for track using custom filters.

Customize your bike and rider with awesome gear and parts in the newly improved garage.

Origin of Pain is the first DLC for Trials Evolution. This DLC expands the Trials franchise with never before seen tricks, sets, and thrills! Get 36 new levels, including 10 all-new Supercross tracks, the BMX dirt bike, tons of new editor objects and abilities, from teleports, guns and vectors to the awesome new grappling hook.

Riders of Doom is the second DLC for Trials Evolution. Bringing 20 new Trials tracks, 10 all-new Skill Games, 5 more Supercross tracks for your multiplayer madness, and 5 brand-new Tournaments. A new motorcycle appears in the garage, the Banshee.


TRIALS Evolution

Single Player:

  • Career – race for medals, earn in-game currency and compete on the global leaderboards on a host of themed tracks. The Skill Circus where a host of skill games can be played. Tournaments where riders will be faced with a series of tracks testing endurance.


  • 4 player local multiplayer Supercross – play locally on the same screen with up to four friends using multiple controllers
  • 4 player public multiplayer Supercross – play cups consisting of a series of tracks online against players across the world. Coming with 2 modes, Standard and Hardcore, with Hardcore reserved for the more experienced riders
  • Private multiplayer – arrange a private game with your friends over Xbox Live

Track Central:

  • Brand new to Evolution, Track Central is your hub for user created content. Anything you create in the Editor, Trials tracks, Skill Games, and Supercross tracks can be uploaded to Track Central. You can also download tracks from all of your favorite creators without the need to be Xbox Live friends. There are plenty of options for downloading new content.


  • The legendary Trials Editor returns in Trials Evolution, featuring a robust content creation Editor that allows you to create Trials tracks, Skill Games and Supercross tracks. Any track created in the Editor and uploaded to Track Central will feature its own leaderboards and will have replays.
  • Curved racing lines
  • Outdoor Environment
  • Approximately 1500 tools, objects and variations
  • Editable terrain
  • Improved lighting tools


  • Bikes – riders have access to numerous bike parts with customization options. These can be purchased using in-game currency
  • Rider – riders can choose from many clothing items and parts making their own outfits with some items having color options. These can be purchased using in-game currency


  • Single Player – the global leaderboards for career mode (skill games are not counted here). Can be filtered by Overall, My Score, Friends, My Country, My Country (My Score)


  • Track your friends and your own stats including medals, challenges, XP, multiplayer wins, squirrels among other

Origin of Pain

Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain is the first DLC for Trials Evolution. Crammed with content and new ways to play, this DLC expands the best-selling Trials franchise with never before seen tricks, sets, and thrills! Get 36 new levels, including 10 all-new Supercross tracks, the BMX dirt bike, tons of new editor objects and abilities, from teleports, guns and vectors to the awesome new grappling hook.

Set on a rocky, tropical island just off shore of the main game, ‘Origin of Pain’ opens up the Trials game world. Ride your bike through lost temples, a haunted circus, deserted beaches and a menacing volcano, working your way through 36 new levels crafted by the RedLynx crew. What is the secret of Paine Island?

For the first time ever in the Trials series, hit the trail with a BMX dirt bike! Turn off your engines and turn on your pedal power! With the BMX dirt bike joining your garage, you’ll experience Trials in a way you never have before. The BMX bike has its own tracks and special event within the game, and can be used throughout the DLC.

Tons of new objects and abilities have been added to Trials Evolution’s industry leading track editor, including support for teleportation, gun firing, switch filters and vector math – giving user-generator content more power and flexibility than ever before!

10 new tracks join the multiplayer mix, immediately doubling the amount of four-player Supercross tracks available for public matchmaking!

Risers of Doom

Riders of Doom is the second DLC for Trials Evolution. Packed with content and new ways to play, Riders of Doom blows open the doors of the Trials with more content than ever seen before!

RedLynx’s team of crack level designers has been hard at work, crafting 20 new Trials tracks, 10 all-new Skill Games, 5 more Supercross tracks for your multiplayer madness, and 5 brand-new Tournaments to challenge even the most enduring riders.

For the first time since the launch of Trials Evolution, a new motorcycle appears in the garage. The Banshee combines the speed of the Scorpion with the handling of the Phoenix, forging the perfect blend of speed and agility.

Adding to the original Trials’ 10 Skill Games, Riders of Doom brings 10 more fearsome tests that will challenge you to do everything from riding a hoverbike to climbing an endless series of randomly generated extreme obstacles in some of the wildest, most ambitious, and most challenging Skill Games in the history of Trials!

This DLC unveils a vast new desert for riders and track builders to explore – sixteen square kilometers of rocky wilderness – plus hundreds of new editor objects, the perfect sandbox for new user track creation.


D License TestLicense TestsTutorialBeginner
Ridge TracerWalk in the ParkTrialsEasy
Beach HeadWalk in the ParkTrialsEasy
Dunes of HazardWalk in the ParkTrialsEasy
Downhill DominatorWalk in the ParkTrialsEasy
Moto MadnessWalk in the ParkTrialsEasy
C License TestLicense TestsTutorialEasy
Oil CrisisFuel for the FlamesTrialsEasy
Sunset StrippedFuel for the FlamesTrialsEasy
StrikeFuel for the FlamesTrialsEasy
ElevationFuel for the FlamesTrialsEasy
Cliff JumperFuel for the FlamesTrialsEasy
RidinghoodFuel for the FlamesTrialsEasy
Gas'n'GoFuel for the FlamesTrialsEasy
B License TestLicense TestsTutorialMedium
Rock SteadyTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
Roller CoasterTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
Sewage PlantTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
SuspenseTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
Tribal TroubleTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
Falling DownTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
Pier PressureTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
Titan GraveyardTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
Train YardTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
MeltdownTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
Lookout PointTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
ProspectorTerminal VelocityTrialsMedium
ArchipelagoCollateral DamageTrialsMedium
DocksideCollateral DamageTrialsMedium
Mind BenderCollateral DamageTrialsMedium
Harbor HavokCollateral DamageTrialsMedium
Trials of LimboCollateral DamageTrialsMedium
Power PlantCollateral DamageTrialsMedium
Tree HuggerCollateral DamageTrialsMedium
Swamp FeverCollateral DamageTrialsMedium
Castle CrashCollateral DamageTrialsMedium
GigatrackCollateral DamageTrialsMedium
A License TestLicense TestsTutorialHard
Home RunCutting EdgeTrialsHard
Physics FactoryCutting EdgeTrialsHard
Around the RanchCutting EdgeTrialsHard
Oil Rig RunCutting EdgeTrialsHard
RedLynx Moto-JamCutting EdgeTrialsHard
DammedCutting EdgeTrialsHard
The AscentCutting EdgeTrialsHard
Lab RatCutting EdgeTrialsHard
Logging onDeath ValleyTrialsHard
Down in the DumpsDeath ValleyTrialsHard
Warehouse 28Death ValleyTrialsHard
Under ConstructionDeath ValleyTrialsHard
Storm DrainDeath ValleyTrialsHard
ScrapyardDeath ValleyTrialsHard
Groundhog AsylumDeath ValleyTrialsHard
Bridge of TrialsDeath ValleyTrialsHard
Truth is Out ThereFlatlinerTrialsExtreme
Out of the PitFlatlinerTrialsExtreme
Fishy BusinessFlatlinerTrialsExtreme
Dark City RunFlatlinerTrialsExtreme
The WreckFlatlinerTrialsExtreme
Way of the NinjaFlatlinerTrialsExtreme
Inferno 3FlatlinerTrialsExtreme
Gas ProblemSkill Game CircusSkill GameBeginner
FreestylerSkill Game CircusSkill GameEasy
Icarus FactorSkill Game CircusSkill GameEasy
S.P.H.E.R.E.Skill Game CircusSkill GameEasy
UFOSkill Game CircusSkill GameMedium
Balance of PowerSkill Game CircusSkill GameMedium
Cruise ControlSkill Game CircusSkill GameMedium
Ball of SteelSkill Game CircusSkill GameHard
Mr. VertigoSkill Game CircusSkill GameHard
Exploding ManSkill Game CircusSkill GameHard
Even FlowTournamentsTournamentBeginner
Cutting CornersTournamentsTournamentEasy
School of RockTournamentsTournamentEasy
Fantastic VoyagesTournamentsTournamentMedium
Scenic RouteTournamentsTournamentMedium
Sink or SwimTournamentsTournamentMedium
Destroyed BeautyTournamentsTournamentMedium
Industrial RevolutionTournamentsTournamentHard
Urban LegendsTournamentsTournamentHard
Trash TalkTournamentsTournamentHard
Test Your MightTournamentsTournamentExtreme
Carnival of RustRacing EvolvedTrialsBeginner
Jet LagRacing EvolvedTrialsBeginner
Buccaneer BayRacing EvolvedTrialsBeginner
Flow Like WaterDown & DirtyTrialsEasy
Cauldron TrailDown & DirtyTrialsEasy
East PasilaDown & DirtyTrialsEasy
High Level DegreeAdrenaline RushTrialsMedium
Adrenaline FairAdrenaline RushTrialsMedium
GetawaysAdrenaline RushTrialsMedium
Recon RiderAdrenaline RushTrialsMedium
The Big DigSurvival of the FittestTrialsMedium
The DepthsSurvival of the FittestTrialsMedium
Thermal TerrorSurvival of the FittestTrialsMedium
Steam ShockSurvival of the FittestTrialsMedium
Dry DockTheory of AccelerationTrialsHard
RuinationTheory of AccelerationTrialsHard
ReclaimedTheory of AccelerationTrialsHard
Night ShiftTheory of AccelerationTrialsHard
Toy BoxTheory of AccelerationTrialsHard
ColesseumTheory of AccelerationTrialsHard
AftermathTheory of AccelerationTrialsHard
Back to the AtticUnnatural SelectionTrialsExtreme
StraighjacketUnnatural SelectionTrialsExtreme
Magic MarkerUnnatural SelectionTrialsExtreme
JoyrideTournaments IITournamentEasy
Adrenaline DegreeTournaments IITournamentMedium
Tour de PaineTournaments IITournamentHard
White KnucklesTournaments IITournamentHard
Maximum PainTournaments IITournamentExtreme
Adrenaline CannonSkill Game Circus IISkill GameMedium
Uphill StruggleSkill Game Circus IISkill GameHard
Greek TherapyHappy TrailsTrialsEasy
ToxicationHappy TrailsTrialsEasy
Anno DominiHappy TrailsTrialsEasy
Halloween Hot RodHappy TrailsTrialsMedium
Middle of NowhereHappy TrailsTrialsMedium
Sky CityHappy TrailsTrialsMedium
Pump it UpEl DoradoTrialsHard
LumberjackEl DoradoTrialsHard
Trouble at t'MillEl DoradoTrialsHard
Black SiteEl DoradoTrialsHard
DystopiaEl DoradoTrialsHard
The Dome of DoomThe NutcrackerTrialsHard
BackwatersThe NutcrackerTrialsHard
Overpass ActionThe NutcrackerTrialsHard
Bazaar RunThe NutcrackerTrialsHard
Nature CallsThe NutcrackerTrialsHard
OblivionRage FaceTrialsExtreme
Valley of DespairRage FaceTrialsExtreme
The ForgeRage FaceTrialsExtreme
The Great FireRage FaceTrialsExtreme
Easy RiderTournaments IIITournamentEasy
Medium RareTournaments IIITournamentMedium
Tough LuckTournaments IIITournamentHard
Hard as NailsTournaments IIITournamentHard
Rage QuitTournaments IIITournamentExtreme
Human JavelinSkill Game Circus IIISkill Game
Rocket RacerSkill Game Circus IIISkill Game
Speed FreakSkill Game Circus IIISkill Game
MoneyballSkill Game Circus IIISkill Game
Wavey WaySkill Game Circus IIISkill Game
Vertically ChallengedSkill Game Circus IIISkill Game
Gas HopperSkill Game Circus IIISkill Game
Nutty SquirrelsSkill Game Circus IIISkill Game
Aerial ArchitechSkill Game Circus IIISkill Game
Neverending TrialsSkill Game Circus IIISkill Game

TRIALS Evolution

  • Rattler 125cc
  • Piranha 250cc
  • Scorpion 450cc
  • Phoenix Evo 250cc
  • Micro Donkey 60cc – Awarded to players who purchased Trials HD
  • Gecko 520- Added in the Origin of Pain DLC
  • Banshee 350cc – Added in the Riders of Doom DLC

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Trials Evolution Base Game Achievements

Beyond the Wall of Pain

Smash your bike and break every bone in one spectacular crash.

Check Out My Ride

Join a public multiplayer match using at least five custom bike and rider parts.

No Problemo

Pass the D License Test and get your first bike.

Burnt to a Crisp

Pass 'Lab Rat' without faulting while constantly on fire.


0-fault Fusion Factory with the Quad Bike

Community Spirit

Post a time on another player's custom created track.

Custom Finish

Host and finish a Private or Local Multiplayer match on a User-created Track with at least 2 players

Extreme Prejudice

Complete any Extreme track.

Fast Five

Win five matches in public multiplayer.

Flawless Victory

Finish the ‘Scenic Route’ Tournament without any faults

From the Ashes

Finish all tracks in the Walk in The Park Event using the Phoenix 250cc bike.

Full Throttle II

Finish ‘Archipelago’ without faulting or ever releasing the throttle

Hard the Hard Way

Finish 'The Ascent' without faulting on the Rattler 125cc bike.

Loonie Lander

The hawk has landed. Time to show the flag! (The small one.)

Nervous Twitch

Doh! You had a near-perfect run on a Hard or Extreme track, but blew it after the last checkpoint.

School's Out

Pass the A License Test and get the Phoenix.

The Editor's Apprentice

Create a track of your own that has at least three path points, then test drive it.

Unyielding II

Finish ‘Rock Steady’ without faulting or changing your rider's posture.

Demon on Wheels II

Pass every track in the Flatliner Event.

The Professional

Successfully complete the single player career.

The Squirrels Have Eyes...

Find every squirrel location hidden away in the secret corners of the world.

Trials Evolution Origin of Pain DLC Achievements and Trophies

A Winner is You!

Get a platinum medal on a Paine Island track. Just one. Come on, you can do it!

Advanced Degree

Pass the Adrenaline Degree Tournament with flying colors

Epic Slam Dunk

Do the most epic slam dunk ever.

Extreme Pedaling

Complete track “Back to the Attic” with the Gecko 520.

Hey Mom, Look At Me!

Wheelie through the Nuthouse in track “Carnival of Rust”

All Is Gold

Receive gold medals in all the Paine Island tracks and skill games.

The Squirrels Have Rabies

Those sneaky squirrels are squeaking again. Can you find all the new squirrels on Paine Island?

Secret Ops

Finish ‘Recon Rider’ while wearing something suitable, without faulting.

Trials Evolution Riders of Doom DLC Achievements and Trophies

Atomic Number 78

It's elemental: Get all Platinums in Big Sands (except Extremes) to qualify.

Never Say Stop

Zero fault Pump It Up without hitting the brakes.

The Squirrels Have Nuts

You don't have to be crazy to find every squirrel in Big Sands, but it helps!

Ultimate Endurance II

Pass Level 15 in Neverending Trials.

Wail of the Banshee

Zero fault the Hard as Nails tournament using the Banshee.


All you have to do is pass one Extreme in Big Sands. Just one. You can do it!

Cult of the Golden Wheel

Find the legendary Golden Wheel of Sir Daniel of Stockport.

The Dystopian

Finish Dystopia without faulting and turn all five traffic lights green.

Trials Evolution Squirrel Location Playlist

Trials Evolution Origin of Pain DLC Squirrel Location Video

Trials Evolution Riders of Doom DLC Squirrel Location Playlist