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RELEASED: February 2019


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Trials Rising is a stunning comeback of the acclaimed gameplay with all new features, more competition and fresh visual look. With more tracks than ever before, beginners are in for a smooth ride towards mastery, while the skills and nerves of experienced players will be put to the test in the most advanced challenges. This is Trials at its best.

Competition is all over the globe with fun and elaborate tracks located across several continents. Whether it’s finding the perfect line in a smoldering caldera in the wilds of Yellowstone Park, doing triple backflips off the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or navigating massive drops on Mount Everest with snow storms looming, the thrills are endless.

From local backyard competitions to the biggest stadiums on the world stage, you will ride against other players as fully visualized ghosts or in real-time local and online multiplayer. Starting from humble beginnings, you’ll improve your skills, grow your fame and rise in the ranks as you beat the competition. Sponsors such as Fox Racing Gear, KTM and RedLynx are always on the lookout for new talent and will offer contracts to complete special challenges.

Players will now have the freedom to customize and share any outfit or bike skin they want, resulting in endless possibilities. In addition to the outfit and bike customization editor, the legendary Trials Track Editor comes back bigger than ever.

Trials Rising adds an exciting new multiplayer mode with the Tandem Bike. Two riders, each contributing fifty percent of the power and balance, ride together on one bike. Get ready for the unexpected and for hilarity to ensue!


Single Player:

  • Career Mode – learn the skills it takes to master all that Trials has to offer. In the Career mode you will be attending the University of Trials, a series of training programs that will teach you how to overcome various obstacles of increasing difficulty. Work your way across the globe to dominate the various events and track locations provided to earn medals, coin and fame. Success in completing these tracks will unlock more advanced bikes and unlock more events as you progress. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum medals return with the addition Diamond Medal reserved for only the very top trials riders!
  • Contracts – you will be approached by several sponsors as you become more famous, complete their contracts in order to earn in game currency, as well as customization and fame. Contacts are a wide and varied way to challenge riders with expectations ranging from simply beating a set time to performing multiple stunts, whilst on a specific bike, whilst beating a specific time, without faulting and from the start you are on FIRE!
  • Challengers – when reaching level 24 you will be able to participate in the Challenger Series. You have 3 attempts to beat a series of 3 riders on a randomly chosen track. These rider’s ghosts will be taken from the leaderboards based upon on your personal best and are usually a few seconds slower than your personal best. The chosen ghost gets closer to your personal best for each stage in the series. If you beat all 3 you will be rewarded with a Challenger Crate that includes three customization items of varying rarity


  • During the Career you will be enrolled in the University of Trials whose headmaster is Brad “Professor FatShady” Hill himself. A community member that started his YouTube channel to help struggling players improve their skills and achieve Trials greatness. He’s got everything from tips for beginners to full breakdowns on how to take on the most difficult obstacles. A series of tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know about the bike and how to handle it in order to overcome even the most infuriating obstacles our career tracks have to offer


  • Global Multiplayer – race up to 8 riders from across the globe to compete in Seasons to earn coins, fame and acorns
  • Private Multiplayer – coming soon
  • Party Mode – race up to 4 riders locally


  • Compete with your friends and riders around the world on the global leaderboards. Each track has a it’s own leaderboard too
  • Leaderboards are cross platform so players on PS4, Xbox One, PC & Nintendo Switch can all compete with each other
  • On individual track leaderboards (not Skill Games or Stadium at this time) you can view replays to see how other riders perform
  • View your friends and other riders profiles to see how you compare with all manner of stats such as medal count, riding distance and much more
  • The Hall of Fame, a global leaderboard that factors in anything you can do in trials, from Skill Games and the career tracks all the way to the hardest tracks in the game – the Ninja series. The #1 position will be forever revered as a Trials God!


  • Create your own tracks using the same tools the Redlynx level team uses to create the in-game tracks. The level editor is an advanced tool that lets you do anything from creating basic Trials tracks to creating something that has nothing to do with a riding a trials bike. In Trials Rising the editor been expanded and is now offering 8000 objects, that for the first time are scaleable, including legacy objects from previous titles Trials HD, Evolution, Fusion and Blood Dragon

Track Central:

  • Share your own custom tracks or play custom tracks created by other players! Track Central is split into different feeds that each contain different types of tracks
  • Custom tracks are shared cross platform so players on PS4, Xbox One & PC can all play the amazing creations from the building community

Gear Customization:

  • Show off your style by customizing your bike and rider with a collection of unique customization items. There are multiple ways to earn customization in Trials Rising. Every time you level up you will be rewarded with a gear crate that contains up to three customization items of any rarity. Earning medals, completing contracts and replaying tracks rewards you with trials coins that can be used to purchase items for your bike or rider in the store. There are also legendary items that can only be purchased with Acorns
  • Share your creations with other riders through the cross platform Gear Central and receive a reward whenever someone decides to download your creation

Trials Rising Sixty Six

Set along Route 66, Trials Rising Sixty Six introduces new tracks, new contracts, and American football-themed cosmetics in the form of a helmet, shirt, trousers, and cleats

Welcome to the Land of Opportunity!

To be released April 12 2019 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch – More information coming soon

Trials Rising Crash and Sunburn

Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere with new tracks set in locations ranging from the “jungle covered mountains of Peru to the icy region of Antarctica”. Trials Rising Crash & Sunburn features new challenges, two new bikes and an explorer themed outfit

Bring your sunscreen… and a a scarf, the weather may vary!

More information coming soon

Jungle Rider Pack

Go bananas in a Gorilla suit and rampage through the streets on your Camo Bike with the Jungle Rider Pack!

  • The Gorilla Helmet
  • The Gorilla Jacket
  • The Gorilla Pants
  • The Gorilla Gloves
  • The Gorilla Shoes
  • Camo Bike Bodykit

Wild West Rider Pack

Saddle up in your cowboy outfit and take the bull by the horns with the Wild West Rider Pack!

  • The Wild West Rider Hat
  • The Wild West Rider Jacket
  • The Wild West Rider Shirt
  • The Wild West Rider Pants
  • The Wild West Rider Gloves
  • Rodeo Headlight

Stuntman Rider Pack

Defy the laws of gravity and fly through rings of fire with the Stuntman Rider Pack, where riders can don the flashy Stuntman costume and ride the Engraved Retro Bike to show everyone that no obstacle is too tough!

Samurai Rider Pack

Ninja rider? This is the rider pack for you!

Hack and slash through the tracks in style and with the spirits of ancient samurai to guide you. Put on your samurai helmet and install those shuriken rims to stand out even more on track.

Trials Rising Sticker Book

A 16 page Trials Rising sticker book which is available as pre-order bonus for the physical copy of Trials Rising Gold Edition


School Yard Brawl 1North AmericaStadium X-CrossEasy
School Yard Brawl 2North AmericaStadium SupercrossEasy
School Yard Brawl 3North AmericaStadium DuelEasy
School Yard Brawl 4North AmericaStadium FinalsEasy
Braking BadNorth AmericaTrialsBeginner
Happy CamperNorth AmericaTrialsBeginner
MX and the CityNorth AmericaTrialsEasy
Yellow Stone CalderaNorth AmericaTrialsEasy
Canyon CrashNorth AmericaTrialsEasy
Lights Camera ActionNorth AmericaTrialsEasy
Hard Hat ZoneNorth AmericaTrialsEasy
Lumbering OnNorth AmericaTrialsEasy
Stable Swede 1EuropeStadium X-CrossEasy
Stable Swede 2EuropeStadium SupercrossEasy
Stable Swede 3EuropeStadium DuelEasy
Stable Swede 4EuropeStadium FinalsEasy
True ScotsmanEuropeTrialsEasy
El TomateEuropeTrialsEasy
Lynx WorldEuropeTrialsEasy
Tilting at WindmillsEuropeTrialsEasy
Medieval FlairEuropeTrialsEasy
Below BucharestEuropeTrialsEasy
Nyet ProblemEuropeTrialsEasy
The Flying FinnEuropeTrialsEasy
Siberian Learnings 1AsiaStadium X-CrossEasy
Siberian Learnings 2AsiaStadium SupercrossEasy
Siberian Learnings 3AsiaStadium DuelEasy
Siberian Learnings 4AsiaStadium FinalsEasy
Beach BumAsiaTrialsEasy
Grave of GiantsAsiaTrialsEasy
Balloons over BaganAsiaTrialsEasy
Ship ItAsiaTrialsEasy
Chinese CliffsAsiaTrialsEasy
Thousand-Cloud VillageAsiaTrialsEasy
Spirit of the MountainAsiaTrialsEasy
Wheels of SteelAsiaTrialsEasy
Bali Blast 1AsiaStadium X-CrossMedium
Bali Blast 2AsiaStadium SupercrossMedium
Bali Blast 3AsiaStadium DuelMedium
Bali Blast 4AsiaStadium FinalsMedium
Ruined RunMiddle EastTrialsMedium
Firebase FaceplantMiddle EastTrialsMedium
Siberian ExpressAsiaTrialsMedium
A Pretty Good WallAsiaTrialsMedium
Vietnam VaultsAsiaTrialsMedium
Angkor WhatAsiaTrialsMedium
Siberian SkiesAsiaTrialsMedium
Highland Fling 1EuropeStadium X-CrossMedium
Highland Fling 2EuropeStadium SupercrossMedium
Highland Fling 3EuropeStadium DuelMedium
Highland Fling 4EuropeStadium FinalsMedium
I Fell TowerEuropeTrialsMedium
Moto GladiatorsEuropeTrialsMedium
One Mans TrashEuropeTrialsMedium
Greek GrapesEuropeTrialsMedium
Bucharest BreakdownEuropeTrialsMedium
Finnish FlashEuropeTrialsMedium
Frozen FjordEuropeTrialsMedium
UK UpEuropeTrialsMedium
Montreal Mayhem 1North AmericaStadium X-CrossMedium
Montreal Mayhem 2North AmericaStadium SupercrossMedium
Montreal Mayhem 3North AmericaStadium DuelMedium
Montreal Mayhem 4North AmericaStadium FinalsMedium
Lumber PartyNorth AmericaTrialsMedium
AlcatrazNorth AmericaTrialsMedium
Venice Beach 360North AmericaTrialsMedium
Unhappy CamperNorth AmericaTrialsMedium
Monster Mash 1North AmericaStadium X-CrossHard
Monster Mash 2North AmericaStadium SupercrossHard
Monster Mash 3North AmericaStadium DuelHard
Monster Mash 4North AmericaStadium FinalsHard
WingmanAtlantic OceanTrialsHard
Black GoldNorth AmericaTrialsHard
Toxic BehaviorNorth AmericaTrialsHard
Seoul SearchingAsiaTrialsHard
Shanghai ScraperAsiaTrialsHard
Rally of the KingsAfricaTrialsHard
Bull Session 1EuropeStadium X-CrossHard
Bull Session 2EuropeStadium SupercrossHard
Bull Session 3EuropeStadium DuelHard
Bull Session 4EuropeStadium FinalsHard
Ski or DontNorth AmericaTrialsHard
Venice Beach 1080North AmericaTrialsHard
Temple of TrialsNorth AmericaTrialsHard
Chinese GauntletAsiaTrialsHard
Red SteelAsiaTrialsHard
Trials Trophy 1Middle EastStadium X-CrossHard
Trials Trophy 2Middle EastStadium SupercrossHard
Trials Trophy 3Middle EastStadium DuelHard
Trials Trophy 4Middle EastStadium FinalsHard
Nippon SpringsAsiaTrialsHard
Container CowboyNorth AmericaTrialsHard
Ever Everer EverestAsiaTrialsHard
UK UpperEuropeTrialsHard
Liberty StationNorth AmericaTrialsHard
Hollywood HillsNorth AmericaTrialsHard
Grand FinaleMiddle EastTrialsHard
Klondike Gold RushNorth AmericaTrialsExtreme
Car Park ClubNorth AmericaTrialsExtreme
Desolate DomeNorth AmericaTrialsExtreme
Inferno VNorth AmericaTrialsExtreme
Corky ConstructionEuropeTrialsExtreme
Sewer RatEuropeTrialsExtreme
Baikonur BaseAsiaTrialsExtreme
Hong Kong HarbourAsiaTrialsExtreme
White BeltAsiaNinjaNinja Level 1
Yellow BeltAsiaNinjaNinja Level 2
Orange BeltAsiaNinjaNinja Level 2
Green BeltAsiaNinjaNinja Level 3
Blue BeltAsiaNinjaNinja Level 3
Black BeltAsiaNinjaNinja Level 5
Bomb BouncerNorth AmericaSkill GameEasy
Basket BallNorth AmericaSkill GameEasy
Flaming ManNorth AmericaSkill GameMedium
Hurdles from HellNorth AmericaSkill GameMedium
Out of ControlNorth AmericaSkill GameMedium
Power BikeNorth AmericaSkill GameMedium
Touch DownNorth AmericaSkill GameMedium
Hill ClimbNorth AmericaSkill GameHard
RodeoNorth AmericaSkill GameHard
Loose ScrewNorth AmericaSkill GameHard
Throttle ControlNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsBeginner
LeaningNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsBeginner
Mid Air RotationNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsEasy
FlowNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsEasy
TransitionsNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsMedium
Uphill LandingNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsMedium
Bunny HopNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsHard
Uphill ObstaclesNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsHard
Flat ObstaclesNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsHard
Consecutive Bunny HopsNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsHard
Rear Wheel BounceNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsExtreme
Time TrialNorth AmericaUniversity of TrialsHard


  • Squid – This is the bike you will start your Trials Rising journey upon. A very stable bike to learn the basics but lacking the speed and agility to conquer the later tracks or the global leaderboards.
  • Rhino – You will unlock this bike at Fame level 14. A bit more agile than the Squid with way more power! This bike will be great for those flowing tracks with long ramps where top speed is important.
  • Mantis – You will unlock this bike at Fame level 42. With way more agility over the Rhino whilst still maintaining an impressive speed, the Mantis is your go to bike for conquering those tracks with technical obstacles. This bike will also get you through the Extreme difficulty tracks and the Ninjas if you make it that far!
  • Helium – You will unlock this bike when you purchase it in the Garage. This BMX bike has incredible agility and can do some amazing things but as a consequence, it’s speed takes a serious hit! This bike can be useful for tackling the extremes and ninjas but be aware you won’t be getting there as fast most times.
  • Donkey – You will unlock this bike when you purchase it in the Garage. With its small frame and tiny wheel, the Donkey sure does kick! A powerful will get you over the tough obstacles but it will be a struggle. A great bike to have some fun on but you have been warned!
  • Tandem – Brand new and unlocked from the start, this bike is to be ridden with a friend. You will need 2 controllers for this and is not available online.

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What do I win?

Gear Crates are Trials Rising’s way of distributing customisation content that is purely cosmetic

You can earn rider gear items, bike parts and stickers to customise your rider gear and bike using the new customisation system along with bundles of Trials Coins, the new in-game currency

You will get Gear Crates by playing Trials Rising and gaining Fame and reaching Fame milestones – Fame is the new in-game XP system

Riders can purchase Premium Gear Crates using Acorns, Trials Rising’s micro transaction currency, to have a chance to obtain Legendary items

Rider Gear and accessories

Riders now have access to massive selection of customisable rider gear. Ranging from hoodies and jackets to cowboy hats and gorilla suits, they something for everyone.

Customisation items include: Accessories, Helmets, Shirts, Jackets, Gloves, Bottoms and Footwear


Just like the rider, the bikes in Trials Rising see a massive improvement to customisation. Riders are now able customise the entire bike right down to individual components!

Customisation items include: Front Rim, Back Rim, Exhaust, Headlight, Frame, Bodykit, Front Fender, Front Tire and Back Tire


The sticker customisation system in Trials Rising allows riders to customise their bikes and rider gear using up to 200 stickers per item. Riders have access to a bank of 100s of stickers (which can be bought using in game currency and unlocking via game progress) of all shapes and sizes with the ability to colour each sticker, the design possibilities are endless!

Emotes and Poses

Trials Rising introduces a variety of emotes and poses that are used during loading screens at the end of a track. Categories are Loading Poses, Victory Animation and Lose Animation and range from the relatively normal to downright whacky!

Graduation Day

Get grade B or better in all the Diploma and Graduation tracks

Master's Degree

Get grade A+ in all the University of Trials tracks

Don't you know who I am?

Reach Fame level 50

Star of the Stadiums

Beat all the Stadium Finals

Take me to the nearest hospital!

Land on the stretchers in the UK Up track

Severely Challenged

Beat any of the Monster Mash races using the Squid

I Can Do This With My Eyes Closed!

Turn off the lights in Wheels of Steel and finish the track in the dark

Human Projectile

Bailout from the top of the ski jump tower in The Flying Finn and make it all the way to the finish

Two is Better than One

Beat the Stonehenge track on the Tandem bike with 0 faults

Diamond Squirrel

Find the Diamond Squirrel collectible


Perform a 100 meter wheelie in any career track

Ring Master

Fly through all the fire rings to the remote island in the Wingman track

No Contest

Win a Stadium Final without ever losing the 1st position during the races

Endless Endo

Perform a 10 second endo in any career track

Training Ring

Jump through the ring of fire in the Braking Bad track

Glam Dunk

Perform a slam dunk in the Ever, Everer, Everest

Moose Hunter

Find the hiding moose in the UK Upper track

Feeling Dizzy?

Perform 7 flips in one jump and land it successfully


Finish a track with 0 faults without leaning

Pedal to the Metal!

Beat any Hard track with the Helium with 0 faults

All Sponsored out!

Unlock all sponsors


Perform a 10 Second wheelie on the top of the portable toilet in the Inferno V track

Golden Hero

Get a Gold medal or better in all the career tracks from World Map, including R.A.C.E league

Golden Skillster

Get a Gold medal or better in all the Skill Game tracks

What is this?

Find your first Squirrel collectible

Oh, so shiny!

Get your first Platinum medal on a track

The King is dead, long live the king!

Beat the legendary rider Martin Monarch in Highland Fling Stadium Final

Oh no, too Shiny!

Get your first Diamond medal on a track

You found us!

Find the Ubisoft Redlynx and Ubisoft Kiev offices on the world map

You are the champion!

Beat the Grand Finale track

Squirrel Man

Find 30 Squirrel collectibles

You almost made it!

On a zero fault run, in an extreme track, fault after the last checkpoint before the finish line

Mr. Frosty

Finish the Frozen Fjord track as the snowman with 0 faults

Honorary member of R.A.C.E.

Beat any Extreme track with 0 faults

Trials Ninja

Beat any Ninja track

Feel the flow

Get grade A or better on all the Trials 101 tracks